Please note the Oddly Shaped Building marked in red. If the photo is viewed in full size (click on the words "full size" in the upper left hand side of this photo, the web browser must have "java script" enabled) it is evident that this structure is built in the shape of a Swastika. The Swastika is an ancient Hindu religous symbol. The Hindu writings of antiquity describe large and powerfull flying vessels engaged in air to air combat; they also describe the use of weapons whose effects resemble the effects of nuclear weapons. Is there an ancient relationship between the founders of the Hindu religion and the builders of these Maritian Structures? Also visible is a structure that resembles the Cross Of The Zodiac, a symbol of Astrotheology, a religion which was practiced in ancient Egypt. Are we to believe that these symbols are just data compression artifacts or other software artifacts? The Structures exhibit different sizes, shapes, and spatial orientations, quite different from the grid like layout of data compression artifacts.